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Funded by ScotCHEM, the NMReady 60e benchtop NMR spectrometer will be used to bring NMR into Scottish industrial laboratories and production lines.

Benchtop NMR is a quick and easy-to-use analytical tool that can:

  • determine structures of molecules, e.g. synthetic organic products.

  • monitor progress of reactions, e.g. fermentation, biodiesel production.

  • check quality and consistency of products, e.g. polymer composition.

  • quantify species, e.g. water content, fat content.

  • validate products claims, e.g. authenticity claims, ethanol percentage.

  • and much more....


What do we offer?

Basics of NMR theory and benchtop NMR training workshop for industrial researchers.

Loan of the benchtop NMR spectrometer for a period up to a week to allow testing in your laboratory/production line.

NMR for Industry Event- one day workshop at Stirling Univerisity, 5th September 2016

Find out more about benchtop NMR and other NMR facilities at our Scottish NMR for Industry event at Stirling University on 5th September. This event brings together experts using NMR with industry companies to:

  • provide an opportunity to learn more about liquid- and  solid-state NMR, including a practical demonstration of an benchtop NMR instrument.

  • demonstrate a range of applications of NMR for industrial settings.

  • establish contacts between Scottish NMR laboratories and industries.

To find out more, please check out the information leaflet.

To register for the event, please fill and return the registration form.

Latest Benchtop NMR Industry Events

Benchtop demonstration and discussion, Oban, July 2016

The 60e was demonstrated to members of GlycoMar and SAMS in Oban. 

Benchtop showcasing in the the heart of Edinburghs old town!

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